With the human anatomy as it is and likewise with all other animals, insects, aquatic, fowl and creatures of nature, wherever the head is turned, pulled or somehow directed, the body has to follow, unless of course the head becomes detached.

Regarding THE MARTIAL ART this across the board “LAW” of creation is 100% right on, especially during tactical manipulation of the head while applying a very large percentage of techniques from virtually every style in existence.

The martial art over thousands, if not millions of years has become immeasurably “COMPLICATED” to say the very least. However this universal LAW OF NATURE gives all practitioners a little HEADS UP CLUE as to how to simplify the complexity that has been discovered in all martial art styles since the very beginning.

Here is another little “CLUE” to assist us all in UNCOMPLICATING THE COMPLEXITY of pretty much everything, not just the martial art. Just put your THINKING CAP on and it really shouldn’t take long at all to find another little UNIVERSAL LAW, as way back when “MAN” really was fighting for his survival, the universal law was very “SIMPLE”, at least in a way it was simple, because the only way man had of LEARNING ANYTHING, especially how to survive was NATURE, or basically “EVERYTHING” all around him in his environment.

That’s one of those “DOG EAT DOG” kind of environments as everything was definitely part of NATURES FOOD CHAIN, everything!