I have put off writing this article for far too long for a multitude of reasons, mostly because of what has become so widely accepted globally, but just because it has been accepted so widely doesn’t necessarily mean that it is correct or very often even close, however paradoxically at the same time what has been widely accepted does have varying degrees of merit in many forms.

With that said, I will stick my foot in my mouth, hoping not to burst to many widely accepted bubbles and fully not intending to create a controversy just for the sake of gaining attention, but shedding light on so many misconceptions that are filled with  inaccuracies that could absolutely result in needless serious injury or even death.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that most of you martial art practitioners will very possibly treat this article as a fluke, especially with the following statement, but at least I hopefully will have your attention good enough and long enough that you will read the whole article and at least “THINK” about the contents.

The late GREAT LEE JUN FAN, (BRUCE LEE, from Hong Kong, who was actually born in THE UNITED STATES 11, 27, 1940, when his parents were on an acting tour, Died 7, 20, 1973 after finishing the most successful film of his far too short career, “Enter the Dragon”, having put on hold “THE GAME OF DEATH” that he had been filming with my mentor and Bruce’s close friend the now world renown DAN INOSANTO), in one of his incredibly successful martial art films titled, “ENTER THE DRAGON”, that by the way  was all filled with “MESSAGES” for martial art practitioners and also the general public trying to gain recognition for ethnic minorities globally, as well as Chinese Gung Fu, made a very profound statement when approached by a fellow martial art practitioner asking what his style was.

Bruce Lee replied “THE ART OF FIGHTING WITHOUT FIGHTING” and even though that was just a line in his film, that one very short “MESSAGE” statement was so profound, saying so much to so many in a multitude of ways.

“THINK” about that for just a little while and let it sink in, seriously LET IT SINK IN, especially all of you macho “FIGHTERS” out there, regardless of “YOUR STYLE”.

Regarding THE DEADLY WORLD OF THE “LIVE” BLADE, fighting without fighting would in my humble opinion, be the best advice anyone could ever give or receive, whether that means “RUNNING AWAY” or any other means of AVOIDING A LIVE BLADE CONFRONTATION, especially FIGHTING WITH LIVE BLADES for in reality there is “NO FIGHTING, WHEN IT COMES TO “LIVE” BLADES”, especially if you hope to survive, as THE LIVE BLADE is far too deadly even in the hands of an amateur.

In the martial art, police and special tactic response teams, even military special forces tactical training the vast majority of techniques and tactics taught and utilized are totally unbelievable for the most part and I’m VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THAT.

I believe that most teachers and trainers are very well meaning and seriously doing their best to share what they HAVE BEEN TAUGHT, “BUTT”!
Surprisingly a very large portion of “LIVE BLADE TACTIC TEACHERS & TRAINERS” have never been personally involved in a REAL LIFE, LIFE & DEATH LIVE BLADE SITUATION OR DEADLY CONFRONTATION.

Just to satisfy your by now raging curiosity I will answer your uncontainable NEED TO KNOW question, “Y-E-S” I am writing this article not only from a teaching experience perspective, but also from my personal experiences having been caught, tricked or unwillingly forced into DEADLY LIVE BLADE SITUATIONS having survived and I promise you there was “NOTHING” glamorous, rewarding or macho about any confrontation where the use of DEADLY FORCE WITH A LIVE BLADE is involved.

Most people, including martial artists do not realize that far too often YOU WILL FEEL the BLADE long before you ever SEE it, but thanks to martial art and other action films KNIFE FIGHTS are portrayed to be SURVIVABLE, however unless YOU ARE INVINCIBLE like most action film stars, YOU will pay a very serious injury price.

Friends if someone chooses to utilize a DEADLY LIVE BLADE confronting you, more than likely you will feel it, not see it brandished in front of you in an attempt to terrorize you into giving them whatever it is they want like movies portray.

Absolutely “PRACTICING” knife defense is highly recommended, especially using “TRAINING” knives, but you as a teacher cannot over emphasize the “FACT” that during virtually any “LIVE BLADE AGGRESSIVE, VIOLENT CONFRONTATION” you very seriously run the risk of AT LEAST BEING CUT, POSSIBLY STABBED, BODY PARTS BEING SEVERED or even KILLED.
Friends just visualize for a moment HOW FAST PEOPLE CAN MOVE, especially their hands at very CLOSE RANGE, then put a DEADLY LIVE BLADE in their hand and hopefully you will realize the very serious ramifications of having to deal with an adversary violently, aggressively charging “YOU” with a sharp DEADLY LIVE BLADE.

I can promise you that ANYTHING you do in an effort to defend yourself that takes more than one or possibly even two seconds is far too long. BLINK YOUR EYE ONCE, that takes LESS than a fraction of one second and in an unexpected, unprovoked surprise DEADLY LIVE BLADE CONFRONTATION that far too often HAPPENS EVEN F-A-S-T-E-R, please believe that, for your own safety.

THE DEADLY WORLD OF THE LIVE BLADE definitely is no playground that you willingly EVER want to find yourself in, but should you ever unfortunately find yourself there, NEVER THINK DEFENSIVELY, only aggressive offensive will save you!